Episode 7

WHAT????? The judges have lost it! Emilio had even given up on himself!! He basically sent out a naked model out on the runway with bits of metal covering her precious areas. At least Jesse put clothes on his model!! I am extremely pissed off at the judge's decision and I'm absolutely delighted that Jesse didnt try to hide his annoyance. He did not deserve to go home and he knew it and he definitely showed it. Brilliant!!

Worst part is that after sending out the naked model, Emilio dumps her and picks someone else!! Talk about crappy behavior!

Last season the judges made similar stupid decisions about sending people home and this season they are doing the same. This show is going down the crapper fast, unless they make some drastic changes about being fair...

I also think thay Amy's sandpaper outfit was WAY better than Mila's color blocking black-and-white thing. She should have been in third place, Maya should have been second and Jay definitely deserved the win on that one. (The only right decision the judges made this episode)

Project runway is falling apart...we need new judges!


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