Graceland Review: Catching Ghosts

"Goodbye High"?

Certainly not. In fact, the best of Graceland is yet to come, especially if tonight's episode was a preview of coming attractions.

What's got me so excited about tonight's episode? All of the subtle twists and turns the installment took to the point you almost didn't know which way was up by the time the episode ended.

Let's start with the fallout from the Briggs bombshell. My jaw dropped to the floor at the end of "Hair of the Dog" when Mike tracked him down the NA meeting. And leave it to Briggs to have a long and complicated story for Mike to justify his appearance there. Lucky for us it isn't exactly clean cut as to why Briggs became an addict. While he may be blameless for the fact he was tortured by Jangles, it was certainly his fault he was in Mexico to be caught and tortured in the first place. 



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