The To Do List

Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza), the prim yet irresistibly outrageous valedictorian at the center of The To Do List, is the latest in what has become a big-screen tradition of rambunctious, headstrong Girls With a Plan. Unlike Alicia Silverstone's compulsive do-gooder in Clueless (1995), or Emma Stone's how-to-make-a-bad-reputation-work-for-you trickster in Easy A (2010), though, Brandy isn't an updated version of a hallowed literary heroine. She's a frisky-minded original. She has gone through high school as an overachiever in everything but life experience. So now that she's graduated, she plans to make up for that by compiling a to-do list that consists of one graphic sexual activity after another. (Sorry, but there's just no analogue for that in Edith Wharton.) READ MORE...


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