'Big Brother 15': Amanda the Mean Girl - Candice's 'greasy,' 'nappy hair head'

In the "Big Brother 15" house, it seems as though Amanda has possibly replaced Kaitlin in the Mean Girls -- though honestly, she's kind of always been one. Read on to find out what's been going down, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch all the nastiness for yourself. We want to like Amanda. We really do. She's a smart game-player and she's pretty funny. However, she is also one of the nastiest people in the house. She may not be dropping n-words or acting like Helen should go make them some rice, but she's a jerk. The main target for her hate? Candice, for reasons passing understanding. Aaryn also hates Candice, but at least she has a "reason" -- Aaryn blames Candice for making her look bad and for flying off the handle the night Aaryn flipped her bed over. We don't agree with Aaryn, but Aaryn thinks she has a...



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