'Big Brother 15': Amanda and GinaMarie let their Asian stereotypes fly; Howard goes to work

The gaming is ramping up for the week in the "Big Brother 15" house. Read on to find out what went down Saturday night (July 27), including some sexy time and some more racism! Or just sign up for the live feeds so you can take it all in for yourself. In game news, Spencer is obviously going to take himself off the block with the Veto. Aaryn is most likely going to nominate Candice in his place, leaving Howard, Candice and Amanda on the block. The How/Spe/Can alliance has started working on trying to get the house to flip on Amanda and vote her out, but so far they aren't having much luck. Helen and Elissa are acting like they might be interested, but they know they would still need two more votes (because they have Spencer) and they don't think they can get two more votes (and they're probably right).Jessie might be convinced...



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