'Crossing Lines': William Fichtner likes the American cowboy thing

Zap2it: Why do you think now is a good time for a globally based crime drama such as "Crossing Lines"?WilliamFichtner:  It's not like it was 20 years ago, when everything seemed so separate. Everything has changed, and in the age of information, people are all over the place.  Everything is closer now.Zap2it: How do you think your character in the series reflects that?William Fichtner: I love the fact that the "fish out of water" guy is the American this time, and I feel like we've only begun to get into the possibilities of that this season. With Americans, there's a bit of a cowboy thing; it's just who we are. If you take that element and put that in another world, literally, it's pretty fascinating.Zap2it: You're having such a big movie summer, with "The Lone Ranger" and "Elysium," how did a series fit into your plans?William Fichtner: It's never about where a particular project is. It...



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