'True Blood' Season 6 episode 7 recap: 'In the Evening' kills off another

Three true deaths in two weeks; that must be a new record for "True Blood." After saying permanent goodbyes to Terry Bellefleur and Governor Truman Burrell in "Don't You Feel Me," fans -- and a very sad Eric Northman -- had to bid farewell to Nora in "In the Evening." Though Eric did manage to escape from the Camp with Nora, he wasn't able to rescue her from her Hep V fate. We now know that Billith's blood isn't enough to cure the disease, but it's yet to be seen if Warlow's can heal sick vampires. With the contaminated Tru Blood not yet being distributed, it seems like it's just a waiting game to see how that affects the general vampire population. Nora's death is equally sad and disgusting by "True Blood" standards, and it should be enough to get Eric onboard as a full-fledged ally of Bill's cause. Bill's current plan is to have...



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