Franklin & Bash Season 3 Review “Freck”- Practical Jokes Aren’t Always Funny

In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called “Freck,” Jared and Peter are put on a murder case and must defend a good friend, while Damien gets dirty to help some people who really need it.

This review is a bit late as I was at Comic-Con last week interviewing casts from a bunch of great shows like PsychSupernaturalThe Vampire Diaries and many more. Check out all of our Comic-Con coverage here.

The guys getting a case that revolved around two pranksters was a great way for us to see some fun pranks, all in the name of justice, of course. It’s just not an episode of this show unless Jared and Peter are getting in trouble for something and I loved that it was for pulling an awesome prank against the opposing attorney. What better way to show how violent a person can get about a prank than to do one on them? Read More...


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