The Killing Season 3 Review “Six Minutes”

It feels like a long build up for next week’s finale of The Killing. In its penultimate episode, the Ray Seward storyline came to a shocking conclusion: Linden couldn’t save him. The episode focused almost entirely on Seward’s execution, so let’s break that down.

An emotional end. The tone of the episode suggests that series writer Veena Sud is not a proponent of the death penalty. The episode is set entirely at the prison, where Linden has gone to visit Seward and try to obtain a stay before his execution. As the hours tick down, Seward becomes increasingly agitated and emotional. Knowing that he did not kill his wife makes it far easier to sympathize with his plight than if he’d been a callous murderer. No matter what your opinions are on the death penalty, if you have any empathy for other human beings, watching Seward’s march to the gallows is heartbreaking. Sud takes the horror of watching someone die a step further by not allowing Seward a quick end. Seward swings from the rope and asphyxiates after what feels like several excruciating minutes. The tension of the scene is maintained by the silence in the room, broken only by Seward’s choking. Peter Sarsgaard gives a truly astounding performance.



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