Under the Dome Season 1 Review “The Endless Thirst”

Well, that was about 33 minutes of competent television completely undone by the final 9 minutes. It’s an impressive feat that only be accomplished Under the Dome.

This week, we finally got a look at some people who realize the danger of their situation. Granted, it took a silly contrivance to get us there, but the Chester’s Mill water shortage finally took us to a place I desperately needed to see it go. People finally realized resources are indeed finite, and the new reality began to set in for the denizens of TV’s favorite dome. The show didn’t need to go into a full scale riot from the jump, but it was nice to see some folks starting to take advantage of the new society. Power is in the hands of those with necessary supplies. Either you take it from someone else, or you get taken advantage of. It’s a big issue faced by television shows of this ilk. How quickly shows choose to ditch the rules of old society is always interesting. Some shows need to do it faster than others. Under the Domewas one such case. This situation was going to go south in a hurry, and the requisite panic needed to be on display. Finally, the show decided to go there.




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