'Under the Dome' 'The Endless Thirst': A town in panic, but the dome cares

"The Endless Thirst" was by far the strongest episode of "Under the Dome" yet, though it wasn't entirely perfect. But it introduced two very important themes for the show moving forward. First, in the wake of the missile being unsuccessful at bringing the dome down, the entire situation is suddenly much graver to the residents of Chester's Mill, which introduces the terrifying panic and mob mentality that naturally would erupt in a situation like this. Supplies are not endless and when store owners want to ration (and barter, because what good is money now?), it creates a panic and then a riot and looting. It's a very frightening scene because it's all too real. It appears as though Rose is the only casualty of said riot, courtesy of Clint and Waylon Dundee, two stellar members of the community who are thieves, murderers and would-be rapists. Can't wait to see more of them. And we seriously...



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