Major Crimes Review: Freyed Victims, Tattered Parents

Major Crimes has really been delivering some deep material of late that packs an emotional wallop. "The Deep End," while starting on poor footing by bringing up the Trayvon Martin case, fell into something else entirely that left me just short of weeping.

The two tie-ins with our team and the case were to Rusty, who had suffered a similar fate as the victims as they appeared in the case and Flynn, whose exasperation at the combined family presence at his daughter's wedding made him want to just walk away from the entire affair. 


Thank goodness we weren't subjected to a race related case so closely after the actual end of the Zimmerman trial. I definitely wasn't up for that debate. But, I should have been careful what I wished for, because I was most certainly not ready for the video the murder victim made, outing his swim coach from years earlier, whose house he broke into and whose weapon killed him - as a pedophile.  Read More...


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