'Teen Wolf' recap: Important screams and the druid revealed in 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much'

This episode of "Teen Wolf" is all about the reveals. By the end of "The Girl Who Knew Too Much," the audience knows the identity of the darach and the sort of creature Lydia is. Sheriff Stilinski, meanwhile, finds out a whole lot about what's been going on.It's all very satisfying.Never go in that school alone, people of "Teen Wolf""The Girl Who Knew Too Much" begins, like so much of the show, with a person walking alone through the empty hallways of Beacon Hills High. It's Sheriff Stilinksi's deputy, and she's investigating a 911 call there. Although Danny and the rest of his random recital people turn out to be there too, that's not the main worry.What is? That would be the evil druid. Creepiness begins with walkie-talkie chanting. It increases with shadows and scratching noises in the locker room.But the height of creepiness happens when Deputy Graham sees a dead body in the...



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