Sorry, Dexter, You Can’t Use Lost’s Song


This week's Dexter featured an egregious TV moment, one that shook my belief in the show — which has already waned to a tiny fraction of what it once was. (Don't worry, this does not contain meaningful spoilers.) Charlotte Rampling's Dr. Vogel was in her home, preparing to relax or whatever, and she put on some music: "Make Your Own Kind of Music," sung by Mama Cass.


No! Not allowed!

"Make Your Own Kind of Music" is way, way too deeply tied to Lost, which used the song to marvelous effect starting with season two's premiere, "Man of Science, Man of Faith." Remember, when Desmond was puttering around the hatch, listening to it? I remember. (Remember how excited you were for the second season premiere of Lost? I remember that, too. Christ, I loved that show.) Read More...


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