Edward James Olmos on What It Means to ‘Be’ Battlestar Galactica’s Bill Adama


Last summer, severely jetlagged from a trip to China, I watched all of Battlestar Galactica in two weeks of sleepless nights that led to squandered days. Remember that Portlandia sketch where Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen sit down to watch one episode of Battlestar and get so caught up in an obsessive marathon that their power gets cut off and they lose their jobs? That was pretty much me, though I did manage to get into work every day — groggy and unable to think of anything but my next fix. I did fall asleep hardcore once, right as a beau was coming over, and woke up to five missed calls and ten missed texts that he was on my doorstep (and left), shrugged my shoulders, and dove into the next episode. That did not end well. And when I hit the series finale, I didn't track down Ronald D. Moore to write one more episode, like on Portlandia, but I did take a personality quiz to determine which Battlestar Galactic character I am. To my surprise, I'm Commander Bill Adama: dutiful, prideful protector of the last survivors of the human race. (I'd been hoping for hotheaded fighter pilot Starbuck, but was pretty pleased nonetheless.) Read More...



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