'Pretty Little Liars' 'Guilty Girl's Handbook': Mona steps up ... in a big way

We'll confess to not seeing the ending to "Pretty Little Liars" latest episode coming at all. But we definitely are not surprised in the least. Ashley/Hanna/MonaHanna has the spectacularly bad idea that she's going to take the fall for her mom, claiming she actually killed Wilden in self-defense. And let's be real -- the only Liar who could remotely pull something like that off is Spencer. After some excellent coaching from Mona -- the only one who has actually lived in a lie -- Hanna seems, well, still not ready. It seems like it's going to backfire miserably, so thankfully Caleb is there to rein Hanna in.Then awesomely, it's Mona who walks sassily into the police station and confesses, providing the Liars with an enigmatic smile at the end. Mona rules all. Mona should be in every episode and the show should be retitled "Mona and Some Other Girls."Spencer/Toby/Red CoatMrs. Hastings has a very cute...



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