'Suits' recap: Butch and Sundance defend the guilty in 'Unfinished Business'

In the "Suits" episode, "Unfinished Business," Ava Hessington returns and soon faces a murder charge. Not only do Harvey and Mike have to defend her, they also have to rebuild their relationship in the face of new challenges.Can they reclaim their roles as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?Mike is non-dairy creamerYou know how Mike totally dumped Louis to go back and work with Harvey? Well, Louis is still rather furious about the whole thing. By himself, however, Louis doesn't do too much -- he just steals back oat bars and talks about how fake milk is a metaphor for Mike.Katrina does better. When Mike won't help her get in on the Hessington case, she retaliates with a cartoon in which Mike appears as a Harvey-loving baby. This does get Louis' attention, although Harvey responds by informing Katrina that she's done at the firm.Or is she? Louis takes the bait and invites Katrina to...



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