Perception Review: Fixing the Mind

A surgical treatment implanted that allows electrical pulses to assist in stopping abnormal brain activity, thus eliminating tremors like in a person with Parkinson's disease seems oddly science fiction.

Except it's not.

While, "Defective" wasn't a mind blowing episode, the concept of deep brain stimulation is both real and intriguing. It's always a pleasant surprise to find out that whatever Daniel Pierce happens to be talking about is landed in reality, even if it might seem far fetched.

In fact, the violinist with tremors in the episode seems to be straight out of the real world mirroring that of someone like violinist Roger Frisch (check him out) who, while being operated on by surgeons sending certain pulses to his brain, allowed him to play his string instrument with their help. Sort of exactly like during the end of the episode. Read More...


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