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GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Enter Our Project Runway Giveaway For A Chance To Win a PR Beach Prize Pack!

Sorry, this giveaway is now closed. The winner has been notified.

Sport your best fashion on the beach this summer with a Project Runway Season 8 prize pack!

Project Runway returns to Lifetime Television with Season 8 on Thursday, July 29 at a new time, 9/8c, and super-sized with 90-minute episodes. Hosted by supermodel and fashion maven Heidi Klum, the hit series provides 17 talented designers -- the most in series history -- with an opportunity to launch their careers in fashion, under the watchful eye of mentor and Liz Claiborne Chief Creative Officer Tim Gunn. Judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia weigh in on the best and worst of the runway.

Project Runway Prize Pack Includes:

-Beach Tote

-Beach Towel

-32 oz Water Bottle


-Keychain w/ Charms


SideReel has just one beach prize pack to give away, so to enter for a chance to win, check out our rundown of this season's contestants and comment on this post with which designer is your first-impression favorite!

Sorry, but this giveaway is open to U.S residents only. The winner will be selected and notified via email on Friday, July 30th.


| 02:59 EDT, 30 Jul, 2010
I like Kristin Haskins Simms.
| 22:50 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
I'm going to go with Kristin Haskins Simms, but we'll see.
| 22:10 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
Gretchen Jones is my favorite.
| 16:21 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
My first impression fave is A.J. Thouvenot cause that's the kind of style I like but who knows once I find out more about the contestants, I can't wait!!!
| 14:51 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
Michael Drummond would be my early favorite.
| 11:59 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
I like A.J. Thouvenot, he has the look of a fabulous designer
| 11:22 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
Valerie Mayen, I like her outfit
| 11:11 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
I like Jason Troisi. He has a winning attitude.
| 08:51 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
I like Kristin Haskins Simms, she seems to have the background to go far. Thank you, Nikki
| 08:08 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
i like andy south, i think she's gonna win!
| 04:40 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
I'm going with Christopher Collins.
| 01:42 EDT, 29 Jul, 2010
I like Kristin Haskins Simms,the fact that she has background in fashion andgraphic design is a big plus in my book
| 23:39 EDT, 28 Jul, 2010
I like Peach Carr, because it's nice to see a mature lady (like me) get a chance.
| 23:29 EDT, 28 Jul, 2010
sarah trost is my pick!! i cant wait!!!
| 18:09 EDT, 28 Jul, 2010
Sarah Trost
| 11:44 EDT, 28 Jul, 2010
I am impressed with Valerie Mayen
| 23:12 EDT, 27 Jul, 2010
I like Christopher Collins.Thanks for the
| 20:55 EDT, 27 Jul, 2010
i'm going to go with valerie mayen
| 20:30 EDT, 27 Jul, 2010
Born in Hawaii and hailing from New York, Ivy Higa has access to best and most innovative trends. Browsing through her previous creations on the Lifetime website, I kept thinking that her clothes would not look too out-of-place in a show like Gossip Girl or 90210. With clothing that is simultaneously fresh and original, and at the same time, seems to have its roots in what's in-style at this moment, she's taking current fashion and tweaking it to fit her taste for the slightly-wacky. The blood-splatter dress and skirt don't look morbid, as much as pretty and fun. Though they are a part of the fall-winter collection, they are also girly and perfect for summer and spring. Her accessories are not as creative as her clothing - the necklaces are a bit dull and not as texture-rich as her dresses and shirts, but given different materials, and the time-crunch and competition-level, I don't doubt that she'll shine in that as well. All in all, I can't wait to see her compete against everyone else and incorporate a variety of different materials into her intriguing work. I hope the pressure will not affect her funky side, and she'll keep pushing the boundaries, kicking butt, and taking names!
| 20:29 EDT, 27 Jul, 2010
I have to say Christopher Collins
| 20:16 EDT, 27 Jul, 2010
Valerie Mayen would be my pick.
| 16:10 EDT, 27 Jul, 2010
None have really caught my eye but if I had to chose one it would be Christopher Collins.
| 14:35 EDT, 27 Jul, 2010
Valerie Mayen would be my top pick.
| 09:14 EDT, 27 Jul, 2010
I think I'm going to like Christopher Collins. He looks cute and I like the designers who can make cheap materials look couture.
| 23:59 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
I think my favorite is Christopher Collins. Thanks.
| 22:06 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
Peach Carr. At 50 I think experience will kick in.
| 21:57 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
nobody jumped out at me, so I'll just go with Casanova from Astoria,Queens, NY cuz you basically had NOTHING to say about him, lol ;P ... but I LOVE this show & can't wait for it to begin!!
| 18:52 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
like to see what april will do
| 15:06 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
I'm really excited about Ivy Higa! When I read " Samurai-inspired warrior coats? "Blood"-splattered dress shirts?" I was like oh man, I can't wait to see her awesome designs! luckysluna(at)
| 14:42 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
I like the look of Jason Troisi. Just a good feeling!
| 12:22 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
I like Kristin Haskins Simms although I don't care much about fashion.
| 11:53 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
I like : Valerie Mayen ...she's from my hometown of Cleveland, OH so I'm hoping she does Cleveland proud!
| 11:13 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
I like Kristen Haskins. I'm hoping she'll come in with some edge and spunk. She looks like she'd be the one I'd take style advice from!
| 10:55 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
April Johnston, hope she can bring some freshness to this season..
| 10:09 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
I like Jason Troisi the best, he's got a rocker style.
| 02:47 EDT, 26 Jul, 2010
I am looking forward to watching what Christopher Collins can come up with. Denim...I am all in. Plus San Fran is my fav city of all time.
| 14:55 EDT, 25 Jul, 2010
I'll go with Christopher Collins. Be interesting to see if he can make casual runway worthy.
| 01:32 EDT, 25 Jul, 2010
I'm excited to see what Kristin Haskins Simms does this season. She's from Philly, just like I am, and it seems like she has a great background. Doesn't hurt that she looks the least crazy from her picture either.
| 21:37 EDT, 24 Jul, 2010
i am very looking forward in seeing what McKell Maddox brings to this season. the first impression might be she will be this seasons token crazy but whats not a good season without someone that is a little crazy? plus crazy can be great when designing. cant wait
| 07:27 EDT, 24 Jul, 2010
I think Valerie Mayen looks like a winner. I like that instead of edgy she designs girly items.
| 05:42 EDT, 24 Jul, 2010
I like Kristin Haskins Simms. I like what she's wearing, her choices are colorful and upbeat. I'm looking forward to season 8 and seeing her designs on the runway come this Thursday.
| 20:46 EDT, 23 Jul, 2010
I like Casanova, he seems very creative and fun. I bet he has a great sense of humor. This season looks like it will be awesome! They all seem talented. July 29, woot woot!!!

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