'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Guilty Girl's Handbook'

You'll never believe who killed Det. Wilden on "Pretty Little Liars"! No, really, you'll never believe her: After spending the entirety of "The Guilty Girl's Handbook" thinking Hanna was gonna confess to the murder to get her mom out of jail, someone else stepped up to the plate: Mona. That sneaky biyotch helped Hanna practice copping to the murder she didn't actually commit so she'd have a story that was actually believable, only to go in and confess instead.

Now things are even more confusing, because do you really believe she did it? Mona might be cuckoo, but she isn't a killer. Or if she is, then we need wayyyyy more explanation than we'll probably get next week. But I don't think she's a murderer, which makes me wonder why she'd confess. Is it because she wants to redeem herself in the eyes of the girls? If that's the case, then there are other, better ways to do that with way less permanent consequences. But there are two more likely options: One, A made her. Or two, she's in cahoots with A again. From the creepy grin she sported at the end of the episode, it seems more likely that she's back on the A team. Why, Mona? Why?! Read More...



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