'Big Brother 15': Howard and Candice are in the house's sights

We had a slight delay getting to the "Big Brother" broadcast tonight, but since the previouslies are so long, we'd wager we didn't miss much. Howard's "Game"playWe pick up the show in process with Howard's house meeting and speech, which is honestly kind of nonsensical. We get that he wants to play a hard game without attacks getting personal, but no one has really attacked Howard. There have been rumblings about him playing the religion card, but that doesn't even seem to be what he's addressing here. It came across weird on the feeds and it's coming across weird on the show. It's also super awkward. Everybody is left kind of looking around like, "Ummm, OK."Later, the majority alliance in the house convenes and they all think he's kind of random and bonkers, but it does not change the fact that Howard's the target for most people this week. MVP NominationMcCrae and Amanda have a...



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