The Bridge Season 1 Review “Maria of the Desert”

The serial killer genre is definitely not being underserved. Serial killers can be found all around your dial without very much effort. As our television world keeps going darker and darker, it becomes tough to distinguish between them. Suddenly, it’s becoming less important to have charismatic bad guys and more important to fill in the fringes of the show. It’s what separates nihilistic and dumb shows like The Following from impressively witty and stylish shows like HannibalHannibal is a better show not because Hannibal Lecter is a better villain than Joe Carroll, but because the violence in the show has meaning, and the show can actually have discussions about topics like mental illness, friendship, and culinary excellence. The violence doesn’t matter as much anymore because everyone is now pushing the envelope with violence. Instead, the quality of the serial killer show can now be found in the parts surrounding the murderer.



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