Burn Notice Season 7 Review “Nature of the Beast”

This week’s episode of Burn Notice was much less intense than last week, but that doesn’t mean it lacked in action or drama. There was plenty of both. There were even a couple of twists thrown in for good measure.

Michael received his first assignment from James and it was no small order. Apparently MI6 made a bargain with some big muckety muck Dominican Republic drug dealer. In exchange for his information on his drug network, MI6 agreed to provide him with a nice retirement package which included sanctuary in London. Well, James believed this was too good for him, so he sent Michael to intercept the drug dealer and bring him back to him. James said that this was the job Burke was working on in the Dominican Republic when he found Michael. I’m not entirely sure whether that was true or whether James just said that to provide Michael with the proper motivation. But either way, Michael accepted the mission. Although they ran into a few hiccups, Michael and Sam were able to kidnap the drug dealer and deliver him to James. James is still playing things pretty close to the vest, but it seems he’s beginning to trust Michael.




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