'Enlisted': FOX's military comedy takes war seriously

From "MASH" to "Hogan's Heroes," military comedy on TV has run the gamut from serious to silly, and FOX's fall offering "Enlisted" attempts to walk a fine line between both."It's really, really important to me and to Mike [Royce] and to the entire cast to make sure the show is never appearing mocking or disrespectful," co-creator Kevin Biegel ("Cougar Town") said during a panel discussion at TCA's summer press tour. "It's not what this show is." Instead Biegel said he hopes to find a middle ground between the two dominant portrayals of soldiers in pop culture as "either a superhero 'Call of Duty' soldier with no personality, or [someone with] PTSD who can't even function." "Those people exist but there's also people in the middle," Biegel added. "To say all [soldiers] have to fit into these two camps didn't seem fair to the experiences of the people I know and love.""Enlisted" is a personal show...



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