'Big Brother 15': Amanda gets a charitable edit during her awful fight

This week's "Big Brother 15" Sunday episode features a very abbreviated version of a pretty epic fight, plus the new Head of Household and the nominees. Let's settle in!The New HOHWe pick things back up during the endurance Head of Household competition, but then we weirdly flash back to Howard's eviction. That's a strange editing choice, there. Everybody basically liked Howard, but he was kind of a schemer and talked a lot of nonsense, which is always off-putting. Makes you feel nervous when you don't actually know what someone is talking about most of the time. Back to the HOH, pretty quickly it's down to McCrae, Jessie and GinaMarie (and that's not editing, it really didn't take long for everybody else to fall off). The first three to drop get their "prizes" -- Spencer gets a bullhorn, Candice gets $5000 and Helen gets a BBQ party for her and three other houseguests.Jessie drops next, then...



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