'True Blood' Season 6 episode 8 'Dead Meat' recap: Will Sookie become a vampire?

After six seasons, have we finally reached to the point in "True Blood" where Sookie is going to become a vampire? That's certainly what the show would like us to think in tonight's episode, "Dead Meat." Sookie's seen the darkest parts of humanity -- most recently with her parents -- so it's no surprise that she's considering becoming a vampire to save her friends now that Bill and Warlow have backed her into a corner. Will her transformation actually happen? Maybe, but most likely not. It is interesting that we're having the conversation about Sookie becoming a vampire once again, though. It certainly would make her relationship with Warlow more permanent, but would it change "True Blood" as a show too much? The characters have come pretty far from where they began back in Season 1, but for Sookie to gain the ability to shut off the part of her that is human might transform...



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