Drop Dead Diva Review: Never Mess With A Beauty Queen

This week's Drop Dead Diva really tugged at the heartstrings of longtime Jane and Owen fans. In "Missed Congeniality" the issue of Stacy and the sperm donor reached its peak.

So did she find a solution? Read on to find out!


I have to say after hearing out both sides of this argument, I am still staunchly on Jane's side. As Teri so eloquently put it:

That violates every rule of friendship. No way, no sperm, no how! | permalink

I know in the end Jane came around and was the bigger person and did the selfless thing and for that I commend her. I'm not sure I could've ever found the strength Jane did, especially after Stacy completely went behind her back. It was ballsy enough that Stacy was asking for Jane's ex fiance's sperm to begin with- then she lied and told Owen that Jane gave her blessing when she originally didn't.  Read More...



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