The Killing Season Finale Recap: Use Your Words

As the season closed in on its final moments last night, Skinner insisted to Linden that she had loved him. “Because I didn’t know you,” she whispers back. Watching that, it struck me that maybe this is ultimately The Killing’s biggest weakness. Not that the viewers who love it don’t really know it … but that the show doesn’t know itself.


The Killing has always tried to be two types of shows at the same time. On the one hand, it wants to be the kind of show that’s taken seriously; a moody, nuanced exploration of the lives of two damaged detectives who can’t feel anything outside of their work. The problem, though, is that it also insists on being the show that comes with  “surprising” twists. It is these twists that drag it down instead of anchoring it. Last night’s episode could’ve been a grounded exploration of the aftermath of Linden dealing with her guilt over Seward. We could’ve seen her try and find happiness with Skinner, a character we barely knew but who, even in the brief amount of time we had left, could’ve still been developed in a serious way. Instead we were essentially given a TNT Sunday afternoon movie. I’ve seen enough of them to understand that when Skinner told Holder and Linden to “keep this quiet between the three of us” what he was really saying was that, “I’m actually the killer and you just tipped me off without realizing it.” And, hey, I enjoy those movies as much as the next girl. There is absolutely nothing better when it comes to couch watching on a rainy day or background noise while cleaning your house. But TNT Sunday afternoon movies are not groundbreaking. Read More....


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