True Blood Recap: Vampires Are Very Intense

The psycho girlfriend trope has been a tired, misogynistic cliché for a while now, but its persistence in bro humor says a lot about how certain guys might think. Ladies who openly seek long-term relationships are walking nightmares to be avoided or derided? Got it, dude. Just as upsetting is the flipside: Lady-targeted entertainment in which literal monsters remove women's agency by forcing love and protection onto them forever and it's considered wish fulfillment? Uh, okay, weirdos. Everybody just needs to relax about the concept of Forever, already. Whether it terrifies you or turns you on, Forever doesn't exist! But this week's episode of True Blood bandied about the concept in ways that might terrify both genders and above all else reaffirmed the fact that vampires are intense, man. No fewer than three vampires promised/threatened eternity to others in "Dead Meat," and each declaration felt weirder than the last. But you know what? It worked. Save for one truly incredible, instant classic of a scene, this episode was much more about emotional bonding than your typical True Blood late season circus and continued the season's hot streak even while cooling things down. Read More....


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