'Big Brother 15': Judd the stud is in the house

There have been lots of showmances on "Big Brother 15," but the one now working the ladies to his best advantage is J-U-Double-D Party Daugherty (in his adorable Tennessee accent, "Daugherty" rhymes with "Party," that's where that comes from, just FYI).Read on to find out who Judd is romancing, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch the inevitable blow-up in the house in this regard. So, Judd and Jessie have been snuggle bunnies in the house for weeks now. And it has seemed to an outside observer (watching on the feeds, anyway) that Judd likes Jessie. Maybe not like he's ready to run away and marry her, but he seems to enjoy her company. However, he has lately been telling his alliance, the Goof Troop, that he actually hates Jessie and needs to distance himself from her. Of course, then he goes right back to snuggling with Jessie, even going so far...



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