'Ravenswood' shooting in New Orleans - 'American Horror Story' crossover, anyone?

ABC Family is launching a "Pretty Little Liars" spin-off in October called "Ravenswood," set in a town nearby "Liars" Rosewood -- but the two shows won't be filming anywhere near each other. While "PLL" shoots on the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles, it has been revealed via creator Marlene King that "Ravenswood" has just packed up the trucks and headed for New Orleans. We have to say -- this is an excellent turn of events. While "Pretty Little Liars" is focused largely on "A" and her torturing of all the Liars and therefore doesn't necessarily need the distinct sense of place that some shows do, "Ravenswood" is focusing its entire mythology around a curse in a very creepy town and therefore definitely needs that sense of place.We don't know much about it yet, but from what little we've seen on PLL so far, "Ravenswood" will definitely be well-served by being filmed in such an...



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