'Under the Dome': The imperfect circle of life

Monday night's (Aug. 5) "Under the Dome" has launched the third logical step that comes with a town being trapped under a giant, impenetrable dome. First, it was "this is weird, what's going on?" and then it was "let's freak out and riot" and now it's "where did this come from and how do we get rid of it?"We don't yet know how to get rid of the dome, but "Imperfect Circles" seems to have introduced the idea that the dome is perhaps a giant protective bubble for an egg of some sort. It's almost an incubator inside of an incubator. At this point, it's anybody's guess where exactly the egg came from and what exactly it is, but we're thinking aliens. Anybody else?Either way, this episode marks the halfway point of the season. And it continued last week's theme of the dome as sentient being, as it made important loved ones appear to people...



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