'Teen Wolf' recap: Too many enemies in 'The Overlooked'

How many sides are there at this point on "Teen Wolf"? There are the good guys, of course. Then there is the Alpha pack. Now we have Jennifer Blake, the sacrifice-happy darach. And you never know which side the Argents are on, right?It's all very confusing by the time we get to "The Overlooked."There's a crazy storm happening in Beacon Hills. This is making the hospital something of a mess. As usual, no one is in charge except the long-suffering and industrious Nurse McCall. But even she can't keep up with so much trouble, which leads to Cora Hale getting ignored.At least we get a fun encounter between Mrs. McCall and Peter Hale. Remember how they dated back in Season 1? Talk about awkward ...Denial ain't just a river in EgyptJennifer Blake, aka the darach (evil druid) we've been hearing so much about this season, returns from stashing Sheriff Stilinski somewhere, and runs straight...



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