'Pretty Little Liars': Jenna goes 'Into the Deep' at Emily's birthday party

On the latest "Pretty Little Liars," it's Emily's surprise party. Surprise! Someone's dead in the pond! Happy birthday!A/Alison/Jenna/ShanaOK, not really. Jenna didn't drown, though that would've been quite the twist, since she was seemingly just talking about Alison being alive. But who tried to kill her? Does anybody know what Paige was doing? There's a history of Paige trying to drown people. Ahem.Especially since Paige was being kind of cagey about the whole incident, thinking maybe Jenna hit her head on a rock. Um, in Rosewood? No. It's more likely a rock jumped up and smashed Jenna than it is that she had an accident. Shana, however, tells Spencer that Alison is dead and that Jenna is afraid of Cece Drake, who then maybe shows up in a red trench coat and crawls underneath the DiLaurentis house porch. Was that Cece? Or Alison? Or Alison's evil twin? What do you think?And the A Tag features...



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