Suits Review: Fools Rush In?

Not a single associate at the firm could avoid a "Conflict of Interest" on this week's episode of Suits.

From Edward's still dubious interest in Hessington Oil to Donna's new "arrangement" with Stephen, it's clear that as the stakes get higher, the emotional attachments and associations continue to become more complicated.

Like every other week, most of the details of what exactly took place with the case were fast moving and went a little over my head. That said, the points that directly affected the character progression were, of course the most memorable to me.

First, I loved the opening sequence with Louis and Harvey both running in different parts of town, catching the same bit of news and arriving at Pearson/Darby just in time to greet each other outside their respective cabs. Apparently Louis gaining an associate of his own has made him much more like Harvey than he might care to realize or given him an ego boost beyond what he can even imagine. Read More...


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