Marshall Fine: Movie Review: Elysium

Anyone who thought District 9 might be some sort of newcomer fluke needs only watch the first few minutes of Elysium to see that Neill Blomkamp is the real thing: a visionary filmmaker with a headful of dystopia and the story-telling ability to give it some punch.

Blomkamp used an invasion by alien mantises in District 9 to tell a story about racism and fear. This time, with Elysium, he uses futuristic fiction as the springboard to a larger comment on the distance between the haves and have-nots -- including that most slippery of spans, the empathy gap.

So he pictures an Earth near the middle of the next century, when overcrowding and pollution have turned the planet into a dusty mess of urban sprawl. Anyone with any sense -- that is, anyone with any money -- has left the planet to live aboard a luxurious space station circling the Earth, called Elysium. Read More...


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