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On April 17, 2010, a new era of the BAFTA-winning series, Doctor Who, premieres at 9/8c on BBC America. In anticipation of the premiere, we're giving away a special edition of the April 2010 issue of Wired Magazine, featuring a Doctor Who themed 4-panel cover wrap, which highlights The Sonic Screwdriver as "Gadget of the Year." This special edition issue is not available to Wired Magazine subscribers, or on newsstands, but you can win it here!

SideReel has just one copy to giveaway, so to enter for a chance to win, comment on this post saying which year or era you would travel to if given control of the TARDIS for a day and why!

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Default avatar cat
Mar 30, 2010 8:03PM EDT

My journey would be the most epic of epic journeys. And by this I mean to say...twould be epic.I would use the TARDIS to visit an esteemed, mystical land known as "Hollywood."And then it'd get real.With desperate hope in my heart and a vicious sonic screwdriver in my grasp, I'd use my BA Converse Chuck Taylor's to bust down the door of the most sinister fortress in all this oppressive landscape. The words on this door would read not "Bad Wolf," but something altogether more ominous: "FOX."Using my wiles and wits (and the occasional corporal shrub as cover), I'd make my way to the epicenter of the building and into the conference room, where I'd judo-chop all apprehenders in an attempt to reach the evil android running the operation.
"How's this for 'science-fiction series can't maintain an audience'?!" I'd cry, pulling him up by his lapels. "So what if Whedon's latest doesn't have cat nuns or OOD! It's's got Adam Baldwin!"
With that handy dandy screwdriver looming over his head, Mr. Random Chairman would suddenly feel very fond of spaceships.
The year is 2003. The era of television's greatest folly.
And with my help, Firefly shall be spared.
Science fiction FTW, indeed.

Mar 30, 2010 8:58PM EDT

Who cares where we go?! As long as the Doctor is along for the ride, adventures will be had!

Default avatar cat
Mar 30, 2010 10:06PM EDT

I would say a trip back to 1997 to hang out with my mom and dad again.

Mar 30, 2010 10:36PM EDT

If I could, I would save the Twin Towers, but that would change history, causing a temporal cataclysm of unimaginable proportions. Therefore, I would travel back to 1578 to visit the future Yellowstone National Park before there were humans damaging it, and before the earthquakes and clogging of the vents caused a massive re-arranging of the vents for the superheated water. It must have been truly magnificent, to see the geysers in their full glory, and the hot mineral pools before pollution diminished their splendor. That would be the most wonderful time travel field day I can dream of.

Default avatar cat
Apr 1, 2010 3:58PM EDT

I would love to travel back to the medieval period, before the whole plague thing. I've always wondered what it would be like to travel there, and see what it was really like. This time period absolutely fascinates me, everything from the peasants to their corrupt overlords. I just think it would be interesting to see first hand how they acted.

Apr 2, 2010 7:47PM EDT

1776 so I could watch the King of England panic while his soldiers were getting their butt handed to them by rebels.

Default avatar cat
Apr 3, 2010 10:59AM EDT

1969.1. Find proof that the Moon landing was a hoax.2. Prevent Nixon from becoming President

Apr 3, 2010 12:52PM EDT

I would love to go back to the 20's or 30's I have always been fascinated with these decades, and I think it would be a blast.

Default avatar cat
Apr 3, 2010 1:16PM EDT

I'd love to go back and see my mom again while she was alive and well - maybe even go back far enough to when I was little and watch some favorite childhood memories play out in front of me. Then I'd go back to present day and use the TARDIS to visit all my friends and family who are too far for me to visit on a regular basis. We would have so much fun :D And if the Doctor were there with us, it would be even better.

Apr 3, 2010 10:29PM EDT

i would want to go back to 1600 England to see one of Shakespeare's plays first hand and have some kind of amazing adventure maybe find out what the doctor did to Queen Elizabeth the 1st

Apr 5, 2010 5:16PM EDT

i would go to see if anyone really had traveled the moon.see the loch-ness monstergo to see if there was a King Arthur and his knightsseeing Robin Hood and his merry mengo back and stopping Hitler of becoming leader of Germanytravel to different galaxies to see if there is anyone out therejust being with the Doctor would be cool.

Default avatar cat
Apr 7, 2010 6:26PM EDT

Even though it's quite predictable, if I'm being honest I would probably travel to ancient Israel to the time of Jesus. I'm a religious studies major, and seeing early Christianity as it was shaped would be life-changing, to say the least.
Other choices, though, would include Elizabethan London to see Hamlet performed on stage or to the future, around the year 3000, to see what's happening there-- at which point, I would most definitely find Captain Jack and see what he's up to.
Or back to the time of the Buddha. Or ancient Greece.
Or....Choosing only one is no fun.

Apr 8, 2010 4:24PM EDT

i would go back to the 80's, and go on as many metal shows i could

Default avatar cat
Apr 8, 2010 4:30PM EDT

Well, I'm a huge hipster, so the early and mid 90's to collect the rare cassette tape releases from my favorite bands then bring them back to digitize the music. Boards of Canada's Hooper Bay will be lost to the ages no longer.
Then hop around the 70's and 80's until I can catch Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut and get them to sign some books.
Then off to the future to grab the Apple BrainPod and I'm set.

Default avatar cat
Apr 9, 2010 9:13AM EDT

If given control of the TARDIS I would visit the Qin dynasty 221 BC - 207 BCThe Qin abolished all feudal privileges, and in 213, to halt subversive thought, they ordered all books burned. The books where very important and held many secrets that would have made the world a more advanced place. I know that if we had those inventions and placed the world we have now in that era we would be so highly advanced our dreams would be made real .

Apr 13, 2010 1:06AM EDT

If given the keys to the TARDIS I'd travel to the 51st century of course. To visit Captain Jack and live in a much more open society where the boundaries are a lot more vague.

Default avatar cat
Apr 13, 2010 10:54AM EDT

The Doctor has promised me one trip after I successfully helped him escape the Judoon with nothing but a pocket watch. He promises everyone one trip before he sails with them on many more. But I do not tell him that I know this; that I know everything about him.
My doctor grins at me. He clutches what looks like a windpipe attached to the console and tells me to keep pressing a button labeled "Puff". I eye the "Huff" button and he laughs hysterically. "Where do you fancy? Past or Future?" I scream for the future, and he kicks a converse at his Tardis and we are shaken violently.
"Welcome to the year 500 dot 500 dot 23 com on the planet Earth Rom 7. Almost a million years into your future."
There are tall buildings, cluttered together, that span upward into yellow and blue clouds. There are sidewalks jammed with people. They are all dressed in elegant dresses and business suits and talking on giant clunky cell phones.
"Why are they dressed that way? Why are their cell phones large?" I ask.
"This is how they dress. It's casual. Why, right now, with those jeans you could be headed to the millionaires ball. And those cell phones are the latest in technology. Cell phones got so small that people began to choke on their tongue pieces and the brain mobiles started making people vegetables. Quite frankly it all fell out of fashion." He says all this into my ear, like a secret. And I smile up at him. I point to a beach in the heart of the city, with purple sand, and the clearest of blue water.
"Can we go Doctor?"
"Course we can." He grabs my hand, and we dart through person after person. I notice that humans only have one nostril now.
At the beach, we bury our bare toes into the sand. He tells me a story about some past adventure on some distant planet and I can't help but bask in the glory that is him. I know, deep down, that there has been a Sarah Jane. A Martha Jones. Donna Noble. And, of course Rose Tyler. But right now, It is only he and I.

Default avatar cat
Apr 13, 2010 10:59AM EDT

And just in case my "why" isn't properly defined: I want to see the progression of the human race. I want to see what becomes important and what doesn't. I'm very interested in electronics and when they peak and how it effects human beings. I wonder if we will get closer, or farther away from eachother. So I'll travel to a far future era. And of course, get some wonderfully delicious time in with the Doctor.

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