Jonathan Kim: ReThink Review: Elysium - The 1% In Orbit

Neill Blomkamp's latest sociopolitical sci-fi masterpiece, Elysium, is being called dystopian for portraying a world in the year 2154 where the ultra wealthy have abandoned an earth wracked by poverty, disease, crime, and pollution to live in the ultimate gated community aboard an orbiting space station. But if you read the news -- which is full of stories about impending environmental catastrophe, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and a republican party obsessed with lionizing the wealthy and making those in need suffer -- Elysium seems more predictive than pessimistic. After all, the 1% already live in a world so different from ours -- where they can flaunt the law, enjoy the best in medical care, and be untouched by the planet's problems, concerns, and priorities -- that they might as well be on another planet. Read More...


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