Rookie Blue Review: Find a Partner

It was a big night on Rookie Blue as "For Better, For Worse" reminded us that life's way too long to go through it alone. 

With Noelle and Frank's wedding just hours away, the status of every couple's relationship was put under the microscope.


We'll start with Sam and Marlo. Marlo was headed off on a long planned vacation without Sam. As she waffled about going, he didn't seem to mind the separation. Although they still appeared solid as a couple, I found it interesting that Sam would be going to this wedding solo. 

Gail was at her cynical best as the wedding loomed near. Whether you love Gail or hate her, you have to give her credit for always saying exactly how she feels. Her feelings about Chloe have not changed an iota and she was more than happy to rip into Dov's chipper new girlfriend when she got the chance. "You're faker than a big wedding, Chloe." Leave it to Peck not to sugar coat it. Read More...


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