The Mill Series 1 Episode 2 (Channel 4) Review

We might have though Esther a goner after last week’s premiere of The Mill, but the feisty (17-year-old) mill worker manages to do away for her lecherous boss within the first 15-minutes of this second episode. Good on her, you might say, but just by being there she causes another pair of workers’ lives to fracture. We see the process of selecting children from the workhouse to work at the mill, will them finding a pair of sisters to replace the two workers they thought they’d lost.

But with Esther back at work, it means that the smaller girl has to go back. She’s offered a chance of escape rather than going back to the awful conditions of the workhouse, but the final moments of the episode reveal that she might not have made it as far as the next town. Its unfortunate then, that her sibling is hell bent on escaping the mill to find her along with Esther, who wants to prove she’s 17 and not 15, thus shaving two years off of her time working unpaid.



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