Twisted Season 1 Review “The Truth Will Out”

On last week’s Twisted we left off with Karen Desai admitting to Regina’s murder but, knowing it wasn’t true, the real question of this week was how Jo, Lacey and Danny were going to produce enough evidence to the contrary. Kyle showed his true colors when he sided with his daughter and her friends while still abiding by the law, and Denise Richards actually produced an affecting performance – who knew?

This was one of the strongest episodes of Twisted since the pilot, in my opinion, and that was largely down to the focus on Danny and Karen’s relationship. It’s not as simple as Jo’s with her parents or even as Lacey’s with her gay dad and clueless mother, and that makes for an interesting episode. Karen has residual guilt about how she treated her son just before he turned homicidal, and her confessing to another murder is a way of righting those wrongs. It doesn’t work, of course, since it’s obvious why she’s doing it, but at least we got to see the two of them bond for a change.

But how much does she really know? We’d thought she was pretty clueless to the murky actions of Vikram and his connection to Regina, but the final flashback contradicted that theory. She knew about his trips to Connecticut and knew to lie about it – even after everything that’s happened. It must be important enough of a secret for her to lie to Kyle even after her husband’s passing, which makes it a big clue to take note of. Then again, does she really think he’s dead? Other people were pondering on the lack of body this week, and it’s entirely possible that Vikram isn’t as dead as everyone thinks.

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