Burn Notice Season 7 Review “Bitter Pill”

This week’s Burn Notice shifted pace a bit from the last few episodes primarily because we stepped away from Michael. Thus far this season, we have for the most part dealt with Michael’s demons and Michael’s mindset. This episode took some time to show us more about James. The more I learn about James, the more concerned I become for Michael and his team.

James rounded up Michael and Co. by sending some very large men with guns to bring them all to a shady-looking warehouse in the middle of nowhere. After he got them there, he told them that they needed to protect a Middle Eastern diplomat who was trying to achieve peace in that region. James brought in one of his top guys, Snyder, to work with Team Westen on the job. Unfortunately, some Libyans poisoned the diplomat and the Team had to figure out how to acquire the antidote. TeamWesten worked their magic, the diplomat’s life was saved, and everyone got to live to fight another day. Well, almost everyone.




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