'Dexter' Season 8 episode 7 'Dress Code': I'm a psychopath, ask me how!

When we last left "Dexter" and Deb, Hanna had reappeared in their lives, drugging them and now apparently leaving Dexter in the middle of nowhere. What does she want? For Dexter to kill her new husband Miles, of course. He's a yacht-owning control freak whom Hannah cannot poison because she'll be the no. 1 suspect, especially because he knows about her past (he helped her get a new identity and she's going by "Maggie" now). But in the end, Hannah kills Miles when he talks about, basically, kidnapping her and never letting her off his yacht for the rest of her life. Dexter helps her clean up the mess and it's maybe looking like Dexter's lady love is back in his life? How do you feel about that, "Dexter" fans? Personally, we think Dexter could use the love of a good woman who knows who he really is, so we'd be OK if they end...



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