'Breaking Bad' episode 509 - 'Blood Money': Beginning of the end

It has been nearly a year since "Breaking Bad" was last on the air. Yet Sunday's (Aug. 11) return, "Blood Money," erased those 49 weeks with an episode that threw the audience immediately -- or rather, almost immediately -- back into the fraught situation created when Hank was looking for something to read in the bathroom.What follows is an episode whose job is mostly to set the stakes for the final run, but which does so with such confidence in its direction that it makes something as outwardly simple as a living-room conversation practically snap with tension. After another tantalizing flash-forward*, "Blood Money" belongs to Dean Norris, as Hank is almost knocked over after connecting the dots that his brother-in-law is Heisenberg. He manages to keep it together long enough to get out of the house with Marie, then suffers a full-blown, car-wrecking panic attack on the way home. The range of emotions that plays...



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