The Newsroom Recap: ‘You’re Impressive’


It feels like it’s been months since our last Newsroom recap. When we last left the show, it was October 2011, and all was fraught. Maggie was returning from a Peace Corps volunteer’s worst nightmare, Jim was bribing his way into bed, and Jerry Dantana still worked in New York City. Now, five months later, things are different — things are better.


“News Night With Will McAvoy” was the best Newsroom episode ever, a taut hour devoid of schmaltzy musical cues, exploitative appropriation of the news, and forced romances. Instead, it was an episode that unfolded in real time, urgent and raw. It was an hour of Newsroom about an hour of News Night. Flitting between various pairings — anchor and producer, source and journalist, PTSD alcoholic and the interventionist who helped ruin her life, etc. — it was the most structurally cohesive Newsroom to date. It felt like something that has been missing from TV over the past few years. It felt like an Aaron Sorkin show.  Read More...


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