Dexter 8.06 "A Little Reflection" Review: Dexter Morgan...Teacher?

DexterWell…that was kind of lame. If I had come up with a wish list of things I wanted to see in this final season of Dexter, I’m pretty positive Deb possibly having yet another office romance or Dexter taking on a young, whiny protégé that he wishes to teach The Code to would not have even cracked the top 50. However, that’s what most of “A Little Reflection” was filled with: moments that I didn’t care enough to invest myself in or twists that I just didn’t buy into at all. Even the episode’s final moments, where the beautiful and deadly Hannah McKay returns, slipping something into Deb and Dexter’s drinks to knock them out, falls flat; while I’m very excited to see what crazy drama Hannah can bring to the back half of Dexter’s final season, her introduction here was exactly like the rest of tonight’s episode: merely average.

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