The Bridge 1.05 Review "The Beast"

It's hard to criticize a show that tries for something more. Not because we don't see the faults, but because we do see the passion. From what I've seen of "The Bridge," I get the feeling that this a passion project for creators Meredith Stiehm and Elwood Reid. I don't know either of them personally, but from what I've read in interviews they come off as writers with good intentions trying to tell a unique story in an unconventional way. That said, even in the world of TV: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. While there are much worse things on TV right now than "The Bridge," none make me sadder. Not because of the shows intention, but because of my own disappointment.
bridge ep 5
"The Beast" managed to maneuver some of our character pieces in the right direction, while others still fell adrift. We start with a great opening scene involving Fausto (Mexican cartel leader) and his employee discussing the difference between a serial killer and someone else who kills. I mentioned last episode that the Mexican scenes are much more interesting than our main storyline and this scene proved my point very succinctly. It started the episode on a high note which can be a problem for a show that muddles its own energy with its heavy plot.


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