The Newsroom 2.05 "News Night with Will McAvoy" Review: More Than Words

The-Newsroom-2x05-Promo-News-Night-with-Will-McAvoyI’m rough, I’m tough, I’m king of the jungle—let’s play The Newsroom.

“Hey, I saw Bob today. Yeah, we ate lunch together. It was good to see him.”

“Really? What did you talk about?”

“Uh—I don’t remember. But it was great.”

Has this ever happened to you? This kind of phenomenon happens to me all of the time. (One of my friends posits that this is the hallmark of a great conversation.) Strangely enough, this is how I felt while watching The Newsroom’s “News Night with Will McAvoy.” Well—kind of. I could tell you what transpired over this hour of television, but that doesn’t really seem germane. Where “News Night with Will McAvoy” succeeds is not it’s expositional content, it’s the tone of the episode.


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