The Spectacular Now - Review

Imagine Elvis Presley reincarnated as a very tall and brainy American high school dude with a quip for every occasion, and you'll have an idea of the gently skewed charisma of Miles Teller, the gifted star of James Ponsoldt's The Spectacular Now. He plays Sutter, a graduating senior who at a glance would seem to have it all. Sutter already knows how to talk to the ladies — he looms over them — and he exudes a sweetness that can't be faked. He likes his job as a clothing-store clerk, and he seems to get off on every moment of every day. So what's the rub? During almost all of those moments, he's drinking (from a flask, or a soda cup he has secretly spiked with whiskey). He lives in the moment because he can't imagine a future.

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