RAY DONOVAN Recap: “Housewarming”


No matter what viewers may think of Ray Donovan (the man) week to week, “Housewarming” proved beyond any doubt that even the most outlying stories on the show always circle back to him, and do so in the most natural of ways.  He is the center of this universe, but is he turning supernova?  Ray mostly drove around this week, angrily confronting people and making terse phone calls (side note: has anyone ever driven around L.A. so quickly and easily to get so much done?)  Ray is ruthlessly efficient at his job, but everything else is falling through the cracks.  He can’t get rid of his father, and he can’t get rid of the FBI.  To compound the issue (which affect both his personal and professional lives), the two are in cahoots.  Hit the jump for more on why “it’s not that simple. He’s still my father.”




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